Thousands of first responders are seriously injured in the line of duty every year and well over one hundred make the ultimate sacrifice each year throughout the nation. The first responders in the Greater New Orleans area are subject to these same risks. Often, the public does not hear of the serious injuries sustained by first responders. These serious injuries generally result in lost work time for the first responders and corresponding loss of wages. Occasionally, these serious injuries end the career of the first responder and years of rehabilitation are necessary to recover.

It has become common place in the last several years for friends and first responders' associates of deceased, injured or seriously ill to organize fundraisers for these individuals. Many of these fundraisers have been incredibly successful and assisted them and their families through tough financial times. However, these fundraisers take weeks or even several months to organize. While these efforts for the fundraisers are on-going, the financial demands on the first responder and their family are accumulating. Eventually the financial need is satisfied, but not before stress has been created. Help for Heroes helps alleviate some of these stresses by handing the injured and killed first responder and their family a donation.